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We'll help you get there. 

Expand was the brainchild of two dynamic partners, with over 17 years of experience across numerous industries, working on projects from small independent start-ups to huge global brands. Upon realizing the lack of truly meaningful and thoughtful branding and design, the two set about creating an agency to offer just that. We are here to find the true solution to whatever business problem you may have and work with a number of reputable partners to ensure you get just what you need. 

Based in Brisbane, Australia. Expand offers its services worldwide.

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Co-founder / Creative Director

As a graphic & communications designer who lives and breathe all things design, I focus on providing highly functional design and branding that not only tells a story but works in the real world. I also have a huge passion for typography and identity design and have been known to spend many hours hand-drawing typefaces to get them just right. I believe wholeheartedly in the power of good design and how it contributes to the longevity of a successful brand. 


Co-founder / Managing Director

With a background in marketing and brand strategy and a passion for launches and start-ups, I head up the project management side of things. I run our brand discovery workshops alongside Matthew and love helping our clients reach a place of clarity and focus with their brand. I also adore all things design (particularly interiors) and you can often find me creating new colour palettes and mood boards for our client's brand identity.